On Sunday, May the 7th, Chad shared the work of our exploratory team. This group was made up of 5 members from Foundry, 5 members from St. Andrew’s and the pastors of both churches (we shared about this group in this post). In the last few months, we have had amazing conversations about what shared ministry together might look like.

On May 21st, both churches will vote on forming a cooperative parish with each other. This is a unique ministry vision of two churches, maintaining their independence while working together on strategic missional work. In our work, we realize that neither church stands to lose anything, and both can gain tremendously. Most notably, this relationship would allow Foundry to purchase approximately 4 acres behind St. Andrew’s to build a permanent space for worship and ministry.

This document lines out many of the specifics. It shares the story of our conversation, some key points as well as frequently asked questions.

To be part of the vote, you will need to have gone through Foundry 101. This is our membership process and typically we offer the class at the end of each month. Because of our schedule, we are offering two additional Foundry 101’s this month. Sunday, May 14th directly after church and Wednesday, May 17th at 6:30pm (at St. Andrew’s). Chad will also answer questions at each of these meeting about this relationship.

We are excited about this opportunity and our team and leadership have voted to move forward on it. We believe this is one of those crazy things Jesus asks us to do. Two churches working this deeply together is a mark of the kingdom of God, of God’s large vision for the world. Yes, it might seem a little scary, but we see this opportunity as God increasing our vision of life as well.