On November 6th, we gave a copy of Grow at Home to every household at Foundry. In this episode, Chad has a conversation with Winfield Bevins, author of Grow at Home.

So what is family discipleship?

  • Discipleship is the parent’s responsibility. (Proverbs 22:6)
  • Kids are leaving the church.
  • A basic definition of family discipleship.
  • Turning off, unplugging, and talking.
  • Simplicity is where it’s at.
  • How it started for the Bevin’s family.
  • The issue of raising Christian kids.
  • Resources, stories, and the idea of family worship.

What can this change?

  • Bring God back into the home.
  • Transform how the family relates to each other.
  • Revolutionize how families do faith together.
  • Parents development is different¬†than our kids…and we end up discipling ourselves.

The easiest way to start. 

  • Find the time.
  • Simple/helpful patterns.
  • eating together. It’s the sacramental nature of sharing a meal.
  • Pray for and with your children.