Are you curious about Foundry? Do you, your family or friends want to come and worship with us on a Sunday?

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Jesus Raises Lazarus From the Dead | Sign 7

All summer, we’ve been reading the stories of Jesus’ signs in the gospel of John. We’ve seen him turn water into wine, heal people, walk on water, time travel and all sorts of miracles. But these aren’t just your garden variety miracle. With the crowds begging for party tricks, Jesus is consistently pointing people to believe in the glory of God and how it changes things. 

This week, during our final sign, we don’t find anything different. 

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God Grows It | FOUNDRYsermon

Sometimes we get lucky and good things just fall into our lap.  But for something truly great to happen in our lives, typically there is a huge amount of work involved.  A flicker in our mind or a flutter in our heart that later becomes a huge part of who we are and what we’re about is greatly dependent on our efforts to make it happen.  Yet it seems we still need a little bit of that luck…

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