Jesus Raises Lazarus From the Dead | Sign 7

All summer, we’ve been reading the stories of Jesus’ signs in the gospel of John. We’ve seen him turn water into wine, heal people, walk on water, time travel and all sorts of miracles. But these aren’t just your garden variety miracle. With the crowds begging for party tricks, Jesus is consistently pointing people to believe in the glory of God and how it changes things. 

This week, during our final sign, we don’t find anything different. 

God Grows It | FOUNDRYsermon

Sometimes we get lucky and good things just fall into our lap.  But for something truly great to happen in our lives, typically there is a huge amount of work involved.  A flicker in our mind or a flutter in our heart that later becomes a huge part of who we are and what we’re about is greatly dependent on our efforts to make it happen.  Yet it seems we still need a little bit of that luck…

Jesus Heals a Blind Man | Sign 6

How do we handle people different from us? What if we see the person as “undesirable”? As much as we don’t want to admit to it, we try to differentiate ourselves from them. Overcoming this emotion is part of the process of holiness and the healing and salvation of the world that Jesus brings in.

Jesus Walks on Water | Sign 5

What do you do with the impossible? The whole word and concept is funny. Some of us love the impossible. We will do whatever it takes to stretch our fitness, intelligence and work ethic towards anything described as impossible. Others love to speak in broad language,...

The Healing at Bethesda | Sign 3

Have you ever been picked last? You don’t have to answer that out loud…because we all have. Getting picked last is one of the most frightening parts of childhood and it doesn’t change in adulthood. What about the time your friend asked you to attend something in support and you realized you were sticking out because you weren’t part of the culture of the event? Imagine being the fat guy at an Ironman! 

Today’s sign is the story of someone who had been picked last in life. And what happened when he met Jesus. 

Summer is Big Enough

Every year, summer means a season to slow down a little, focus on things differently and orient life in a different way.

Summer is for friends. Summer is for family. It means taking that day off of work to spend time with my wife. Summer means grabbing a sno-cone for a work meeting instead of sitting around a table.


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