The 7 Signs of Jesus | #signs introduction

Why do the gospels tell stories differently at times? Would you and your spouse or best friend tell a story exactly the same? The Gospels are stories of people encountering Jesus in different ways, places and times in their life. Some of the writers were disciples (Matthew and John), others might have been part of the 120 we met across the gospels and in Acts (Mark), and others were part of the rapidly expanding Jesus movement that became known as Christianity (Luke). Each tell a story of encountering Jesus.

Cooperative Parish Vision Document

On Sunday, May the 7th, Chad shared the work of our exploratory team. This group was made up of 5 members from Foundry, 5 members from St. Andrew's and the pastors of both churches (we shared about this group in this post). In the last few months, we have had amazing...

What have you underestimated? | FOUNDRYsermon

What was the last thing you underestimated? I probably underestimate things several times a day. Sometimes it turns out funny...or unbelievable, or others times it can get a little sketchy. I've underestimated many things...even scripture. Yep. You heard it right. The preacher just told you he has underestimated scripture before.

Focus | FOUNDRYsermon

Have you ever had problems focusing? You know you want or need to do something, and you simply get hung up in the small stuff, unable to power through and get to the actual goal? Focus is the difference between dreams and reality.  And this week we are talking about...

Ordinary and Extraordinary | FOUNDRYsermon

The Passion story of Christ is absolutely captivating. It has drawn people in for thousands of years. In it, we find multiple small stories, relationship, encounters, and conflict. There are parts of broken relationships and parts with healed relationships. If one was to collect all of the pieces from the 4 gospels, attempt to structure them into a linear narrative, we would find the greatest story ever told...and how Jesus was consistently focusing on the people around him. Luke 24 tells us the story of Easter Sunday. The first part is what we expect. It is the classic Easter story. But the rest of the chapter continues with how Jesus is encountering those he cared about and culminates in His revealing with the 11 disciples.

Suitcases For New Places

We are excited to partner with Suitcases for New Places at Foundry. This month we are collecting items to help them in their mission to provide for foster children in our community. If you want to be part of this partnership, and providing for kids who are going...


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