As a church, Foundry seeks to create and facilitate environments where everyone can encounter the living God.

A foundry is a place where molten metal is poured into a mold, reformed and made into something new, cast in the image of the mold. Once finished, the object is the desired shape and can fulfill its intended purpose.

In the early Methodist revival, way back in the 1740’s in England, John Wesley purchased a burned-out canon foundry from the British government. From this building, thousands of lives changed and it served as the epicenter of a movement that changed the world.

Foundry takes its name from this rich history. We want to claim this heritage and inspiration as we partner with God in what He is doing in our town.

Foundry is a United Methodist Church plant located in Sterlington. We formed as a church in July 2014 and officially launched with a weekly worship service in September 2015.