Over the last few weeks life at Foundry, we have all been buzzing with excitement. Through the sacrificial generosity of many different folks, we raised over $25,000 to begin construction on our parking lot on our new land.

This past Sunday, Chad shared that we now have the ability to begin a conscious timeline towards moving Sunday morning ministry to St. Andrew’s temporarily and to begin the process towards building our own first building on our own land.

Here is what that timeline looks like now.
1. Finish the purchasing of 4.7 acres of land from St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church. This land is directly to the west of St. Andrew’s current facilities. We are in the last bit of paperwork signing and should hopefully have finished the process any day now.
2. We then have the ability to begin the process of putting in a parking lot.
3. After Easter, we will start our Building Campaign. This will be a several week focus on what God is asking us to do in the future and how our faithfulness has the ability to fuel reaching others in our community.
After the building campaign, we will have the ability to assess when we can begin construction on our land and build our first permanent worship home.
4. As we are waiting on the parking lot to be built, each of us can focus on how we can be part of this transition. 4 years ago Foundry started off with a handful of families in a backyard. That group grew to around 50 people comprising the Launch Team. This group led the church in the beginning through serving, strategizing, troubleshooting, and many other ways. Foundry wouldn’t be the church she is without the original Launch Team.

As we begin this process of major transition, we are forming what we call the2nd Season team. The 2nd Season Team are those who are willing to take charge and serve to make this transition the absolute best it can be.

And there is space for everyone. No matter your age, experience, skills or previous capacity at Foundry. We need you. The work we do together will form the experience people will have as we begin this new phase. We have several new ministry teams that need to be formed, older ministry teams that we won’t need anymore and I’m sure there are ministry areas we haven’t even thought up yet.

If you love being on the leading edge of change, you’d love the 2nd Season team.

If you have always wanted to find a way to make a difference, you’d love the 2nd Season team. 

If you want to make a serious difference in the life of others, you’d love the 2nd Season team. 

We are looking for the folks to be part of the next amazing chapter in the story of Foundry. You can sign up for the 2nd Season Team updates right here.